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Record a music soundtrack for an upcoming SMS Novel Film with other local artists inside your own city. Includes studio time, behind-the-scenes music documentary, and 10% royalty from all album sales and streams from all major platforms!



"In eternity, every hit song, whether good or evil, will be remixed as a song of worship to the exalted Christ."
- Joe Johnson

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, "Mine!ˮ
- Abraham Kupyer

Young Thug Power Sermon

Introducing the SMS Novel 100 Top Albums Sermon Mixtape - a revolutionary blend of music and spirituality that will uplift your soul and deepen your faith. This unique mixtape combines the best of both worlds, featuring the full instrumental tracklist for 100 of the most well-known albums alongside powerful Christ-centered sermons specifically related to each song!

Unleash the power of divine inspiration as you embark on a spiritual journey through the melodies of your favorite songs. Each track on this mixtape is carefully selected to complement a soul-stirring sermon that aligns with the theme of the music. Feel the presence of God as the preacher expounds on the profound meaning behind the lyrics, infusing the songs with a deeper spiritual context.


Whether you are a music enthusiast, a devoted believer, or someone seeking spiritual enlightenment, the SMS Novel 100 Top Albums Sermon Mixtape offers a transformative experience like no other. It's a perfect companion for your daily devotions, worship gatherings, or personal reflection moments.

Key Features:

1. Divine Inspiration: Experience a unique blend of powerful sermons and soulful music, bringing you closer to God's message through the art of song.

2. Top 100 Albums: Immerse yourself in the iconic instrumentals of the most celebrated albums across various genres, accompanied by life-changing sermons.

3. Christ-Centered Sermons: Each sermon is carefully crafted to provide deep insights into the song's meaning while centering around the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.

4. Spiritual Growth: Elevate your understanding of faith and spirituality as you connect with the profound messages behind each song.

5. Uplifting Experience: Find comfort, hope, and encouragement in the harmonious fusion of music and spiritual wisdom.

Experience the transcendence of music and the divine as you embrace the SMS Novel 100 Top Albums Sermon Mixtape. Let the melodies guide your heart, while the sermons ignite your soul, leaving you with a newfound sense of purpose and spiritual fulfillment. Rediscover the beauty of your favorite songs through the lens of faith, and embark on an unforgettable spiritual adventure like no other. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and transformed!

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