2022 SMS Denver Writer's Retreat

Join us this August 5-7th in Denver Colorado for the first annual SMS Novel Writer's Retreat. This casual writer's weekend is all about community. The theme of this year's retreat is Rest in Prose: How to Find Joy in the Pen As Community. Far too long has writing been a solitary striving. We believe that it is in a community, that true writing creativity is unleashed. This will be a refreshing time with a group of 45 writers both local and national. 


1. Enjoy up to 3 Live SMS Novel Author Book Releases

2. Enjoy your choice of over 8 writing workshops,

3. Lodging available,

4. Experienced Writer: 2 meetings with potential clients,

5. Two full meals each day,

6. 12 Guest speakers and mini-lectures,

7. Downtime to enjoy the Denver nightlife and scenery,

8. All guests receive a 24-hour novel to share or publish.

9. One killer group hike in Bounder Colorado,

10. An extra lounge writing day for those staying late or arriving early.


This is a great opportunity for rest, repose, and prose. To attend the conference for all 2 and a half days, the cost is $199.99. If you need lodging for two nights with a private room, the cost is $299.99. Contact us for more info.

Featured Speaker

Donald L. Vasicek is an award-winning writer/filmmaker. He has written, ghostwritten and published over 500 books and articles on writing and screenwriting. His documentary film, "The Sand Creek Massacre", won Best Film in 3 film festivals, was awarded the prestigious Golden Drover Award and was cataloged into Smithsonian Libraries. Don will be speaking and hosting a book release for his novel, Eyes of Death. The Group Book Sequel for Eyes of Death will also be released.


"Finding joy in the pen as a community."

August 5-7th, 2022
Denver, Colorado

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5pm: Arrival

6pm: Introduction Group Lecture and Journaling

7pm: Group Book Instructions/Break

8pm: Night out in Denver


8am: Breakfast

9am: Lecture and Journal

10am: Three Different Workshops

a. Marketing as a new author

b. Inviting Others Into Your Writing

c. Contemplative Writing

12pm: Lunch (off site)

1pm: Group Books

3pm: Sharing Community Experience

4pm: Combined Group Reflection

5pm. Don Vasicek Book Release Dinner

6pm: Sequel Group Book Release

6:30pm: Close and Free Time

8pm: Late Night In Denver


8am: Breakfast

9am: Lecture and Journaling

10am: Three Different Workshops

a. Text Novel for Kids

b. Topical Book Creation

c. Spiritual Horror Writing

12: Lunch (on-site)

1pm: Group Book Sharing or Book Release.

2pm: Final Lecture

3pm: Ghostwriting Client Introduction (Writers given paid opportunity to interview SMS Clients)

5pm. Close and Dismiss

5:30pm: Boulder Day Trip