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SMS Pop-Up Films
(For Adults and Children: No experience required)

Our Pop-Up Film events are a super fun way to create a full-length film over the course of a weekend. Whether you have years of acting experience or are a novice, we provide a safe and comfortable environment with a small crew to film a faith-based movie throughout the city over the course of an evening.


1. Dinner and Drinks (Optional)

2. 20 Minutes screentime in the film

3. 50 Personal Headshots

4. Full Rights to sell or share film as you choose.

5. Open to children ages 8-17 with parental consent.

All of our films are faith-based, inspirational, and uplifting. Both adults and children with permission and welcome to join. See Schedule.

Create Your Own Interactive Film & Get Paid Same Day Royalties.
(For actors and authors)

Creating your own personal interactive film is a great way to share your life. If you are an actor, please fill out an application to learn more about having SMS create, publish, and sell your first interactive film. If you are an author or have a film idea, please contact us here to learn more about converting your book or story into an interactive film.

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