Disney Plus, Hulu, Paramount, Netflix, and more! With the rise of streaming services, there is no shortage of entertainment options for the casual or avid streamer. But what if I told you that in the next few years, that a new service would dominate them all. What service would that be? On-Demand ASMR.


For many, ASMR is a confusing phenomenon of whispering into a microphone. But for millions of its adherents and followers, ASMR, short for auto sensory meridian response, is a powerful form of self-care that helps with sleep, relaxation, and even curing anxiety and stress. And while the term ASMR has become its own "ehem" category, those who make ASMR videos range from making relaxing sounds, affirmations, or even whispering Bible verses, this trend is not going anywhere.

But ASMR is taking a new direction. On-Demand ASMR provides a personal experience in which the listener is actually able to speak to their ASMR host and communicate to them exactly what they want. The ASMR host could speak personal affirmations that include the person's name. The host could read the favorite book of the viewer, or they could simply engage in a therapeutic ASMR conversation. The host could simply smile and look at the viewer as a form of personal attention. 

There is a growing demand for interactive content, hence Netflix just releasing its first interactive library which includes 12 titles. But what greater interactive action is there than that of a human being! And when that human being can be streamed from your smartphone device, TV, or tablet, providing soothing sounds and words of comfort, this will redefine the streaming world.

At SMS Novel, we've experimented with offering some form of on-demand ASMR, finally making it a paid service in the summer of 2021. Market research showed up the growing popularity of ASMR, but we were at a loss when sought to discover whether on-demand ASMR would be viable in an already flooded market. What we discovered, was yes, it is viable. Because on-demand ASMR already combines the "have now" mentality of entertainment with the "still-present" need for social interaction. That is why we believe and hope that on-demand ASMR will be a means of self-care for our subscribers and followers.

We now offer one hour of on-demand ASMR book-reading sessions. Subscribers can select the option for 59.99$ monthly which allows them one hour monthly (or up to select up to twelve five-minute sessions) in which their ASMR host can read them a book, have a conversation, or just affirm their presence with comforting words or a loving gaze. Users can select the gender of the host, and even schedule the time their host comes on. Imagine scheduling your host to read you a book before going to bed, or providing morning encouragement as you arise from your bed.

We believe that live personal interaction is one of the greatest needs today. And we hope that on-demand ASMR would be just another notch in the belt of options that people will have to be both entertained and cared for at the same time.