SMS Novel Interactive Believes That During This Pandemic, Authentic Human Connection Can Still Occur.

Dear Friends, Authors, and Subscribers,


With the current pandemic of the COVID19, many of the world's citizens are struggling. Not only have thousands lost loved ones, more being quarantined, the world is now facing the reality of self-isolation, limiting social interaction for the purpose of helping to slow the pandemic. While this is a necessary and good step, we also must beware of the mental and psychological effects that social isolation can bring.


At SMS Novel, we want our readers, followers, and authors know that we are here for you. Whether you just simply want to text message a roleplay novel, connect with one of our authors via facetime to read your favorite book, or to join one of growing groups of authors who collectively, write books in 30 days, or even receive e-counseling. Simply put, we are available as not only a writing company, but a family.


Due to the Coronavirus and the effects of social distancing, we are assembling a community of writers, authors, friends, and neighbors to help us stay connected as humans. We do this through:

1. On-demand storytelling via text or facetime
2. Mobile Buddy - watch a movie with a new friend and discuss via text
3. Improv Fun - Enjoy improv with an actor via facetime
4. Workout partner - Get matched up and workout remotely with a partner via video chat.
5. Book Reading - Let a new friend read a book to you!
6. Sing together! Pick a song and sing with a community member.

It is our belief, that by making both the arts and social interaction on-demand, that we can help in the goal of authentic and safe human connection during this time.


We will get through this...together.



On Demand Social Interaction