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"The Hate Agenda: Investigating the 5 Most Prejudiced Local News Outlets in America" is a groundbreaking exposé that delves deep into the underbelly of local media, uncovering the insidious influence of bias and discrimination. With meticulous research and compelling evidence, this book shines a spotlight on five notorious news organizations: KMOV in St. Louis, Commercial Appeal in Memphis, ABC 5 Oklahoma City, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Gray Television Inc.

Through thorough investigation and firsthand accounts, the author unveils the shocking truth behind these outlets' practices, revealing how they perpetuate prejudice, bigotry, and division within their communities. From skewed reporting to outright propaganda, each chapter unveils the methods used by these news organizations to manipulate public opinion and propagate harmful stereotypes.


"The Hate Agenda" challenges readers to confront the uncomfortable reality of systemic bias in local media and calls for greater accountability and transparency in journalism. With its incisive analysis and compelling narratives, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the state of media integrity and social justice in America.

News Outlets Highlighted

A researched analysis study based upon employee lawsuits of discrimination, racial complains filed, public apologies, and news coverage devoted to portraying criminality of minority races compared to majority races.

KMOV of St. Louis, MO.

For decades KMOV has refused to promote minorities to the top 3 levels of leadership and has been in hot water with the NAABJ over the use of racist terms. The news portrays blacks in a criminal light 35% of their news coverage compared to 7& of other races.

Commercial Appeal of Memphis, TN

Despite hiring an African American to chief news editor, the commercial appeal has one of the worst percentages of black vs. white criminal portrayal in the news. 50% of all coverage of Blacks is criminal, as opposed to about 15% of other races.

ABC 5 of Oklahoma City, OK.

Using first hand accounts of former news reporter Porsha Riley, this section reveals the underbelly of creating a subservient atmosphere of Black and minority reporters at the station.

Singlair Group & Gray Television INC.

The Sinclair Broadcast Group and Gray Television INC face a barrage of accusations regarding racism and prejudice within its operations. Former employees and watchdog groups have documented instances of biased reporting, discriminatory hiring practices, and editorial mandates that prioritize sensationalism over accuracy. Critics argue that Sinclair's centralized control and conservative-leaning agenda have perpetuated harmful stereotypes and marginalized voices within the communities they serve. These allegations have sparked widespread scrutiny and calls for reform within the organization and the broader media landscape.

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