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A New Way To Write & Publish

Have you EVER wanted to write a book but just don't have the time? Is it your DREAM to become a published author without having to find an agent or send endless query letters? Would you like to meet other authors to collaborate, share ideas, and group-publish? With SMS Group Book, all those things are possible...and more.


CHOOSE A GENRE/BOOK: Browse any story from our role-play novel selection. Read the description of the book to see if you would be interested in writing it. We then partner you with a team and provide you a trained writing coach to book to be completed in 30 days. You can work on the book with a selected team via email, Google Document, or even text message!


The SMS Marketing teams takes care of the editing, promotion, and release of the book.
Book is published in 30 days from SMS Novel. Become recognized as an author and get paid at that same time!



The book will be released as an E-book, Audio-Book, and Paperback. SMS will market and distribute the book for one year, which after, the rights belong to all the authors. Authors can also purchase paperback copies for resell.

Group Book is both an investment of time and investment in each other. When you are ready to start, you purchase how many pages you want to write. You can write anywhere from 10 page to 100. Author receives royalty percentage based upon pages written. Joining a Group Book Team costs 1$ per page contributed.

"Group Book has been a super

fun way to write. I love the collaboration and the ability to finally get a book completed and published!"

                        G. Torez  - Member

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