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Sms Drone Pilot Group

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Hello Pilots.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday. Please remember that all lessons are due by the 30th.

2. If you havent submitted your drone video, we are extendimg that date until the 7th, but Part 107 Virtual Lesson 2 Should be submitted by the 30th (without the video)

3. Thirdly, we need to track your progress in preparation for exams or completion: Please book here:

4. If you were asked to Retake an exam, please do so. Failure to take exams can greatly effect knowledge skills, which in turn can effect work hours when you begin working.

5. Lastly, if you ordered a drone, they should be arriving this weekend.

6. Sms Novel did our first drone Dog rescue on Tuesday. The dog was a lady on the street. But you see the importance of what we do.

DeMario Harris
Mark Sheng


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