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Sms Drone Pilot Group

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Calling all Pilots and Friends,

Team Work Retreat: STL 2/6/24 or 2/13/24

If you want to join us for a big Drone Movement in St Louis, you are invited sign up for our Drone Stream Launch and Workshop Feb 6th to 10th in St. Louis MO. Family and friends are welcome to come. Sign up deadline: 1/24/24. (This is optional for all Sms Pilots)

During this time,

We will launch Sms Live Stream in St. Louis.

1. Meet greet, daily meals, daily work and droning.

2. Learn more about droning and film making.

3. 5 day stay in beutiful ST. Louis.

5. Stay with team in Sms Air BNB.


Sms Pilots 107:

$99 (only 5 spots available)

Includes 4 nights lodging.

20-24 hours of work that week.


$199 (only 3 spots available)

Includes one way flight and 4 nights lodging.

10. Hours of weekly work.

Non-Sms Pilots


Take part of intensive 4 day training.

Have your license covered by Sms upon completion.

DeMario Harris
Tyler Abe

Hi! Would we fly back on the 10th? I need to back back that Sunday .



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