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Sms Drone Pilot Group

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Hi Pilots.

Hope everyone is well. Two quick things:

  1. Remember to schedule your check in meeting with a supervisor to review your progress. You can do so here:

2. We only have 2 Syma drones left for indoor outdoor practice. Ps, you can also get from Amazon, but Sms has them for $19. Feel free to get them.

Ps, if you are unable to afford a drone at this time, please connect with members of your local groups to try to practice with theirs. This is VERY important that you get flying time outside of training.

No matter if you pass the 107 test, if you cant fly, you cant fly. Now is the time to get in simple practice.

DeMario Harris
Mark Sheng
DeMario Harris
DeMario Harris
Dec 20, 2023

Where can I get drones from SMS



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