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Sms Drone Pilot Group

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Hi Pilots.

If you have completed All 3 COURSES, have already completed last weeks Check In Call, and submitted your flight video, please proceed to your final 2 Study Guides below.

If you have not yet completed course work, have not yet sumbitted your drone video, or missed last week's class, please email to schedule your progress check in call.

FINAL TWO LESSONS (Read and submit by 1/12. After submission, we will schedule your Zoom Mock 107 Exam)

Ps, this is a google document. Please download a personal copy for each.

Part 107 Study Guide and Practice Exam

Live Streaming Guide and Exam

Mark Sheng
Unknown member
Jan 09

What about for those who already have their Part 107 license? Do we need to do the mock exam?



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