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All non-licensed pilots, we need your Trust Exam results. You can register for the Trust Exam here:

Please take exam by 9pm tonight 1/12, take screenshot of results, and send to

Mike S.

Hi all pilots.

We are wrapping up all training. There is only one in person training on Saturday and that is Atlanta and Sunday in Los Angeles.

New York will have an optional final class on Feb 10th. This is optional.

Every pilot, if you have not, should be sure to submit all homework by Sat. Please let me know if you need a copy of lessons. There are 4 lessons all together, trust exam, and submission of flight video.

If you not, please schedule a check in call for next steps;

I have enjoyed photography since my teenage years. About 5 years ago I acquired my first drone, upgraded two times since, and have enjoyed capturing moments to share.

Excited to be part of this group! Looking forward to attaining Part 107!

SMS  Novel

Greeting pilots. Please update your profile pics to self photos.

Thank you.

Tyler Abe


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