Here's how a Text Novel changed my life. During a 2017 mission trip, I began to feel extremely lonely and isolated to the point of near-depression. The work was hard and I needed something to help me connect with people in a positive way.

I started doing the one thing I knew I was good at: writing. I began (sms) texting stories to friends while allowing them to roleplay as the main character. And what began to happen was something strange. I felt connected. It was then I discovered how our need for human connection could be met, with a simple on-demand story.

Fast forward to the present day. SMS Novel has become the first and only virtual library that allows you to Text and Zoom with real authors and readers to discuss, read, or roleplay any book or story. Connect in almost any language while meeting new friends, book lovers, and authors from around the world. 

The entire mission of SMS Novel is to connect people to people through the age-old art of storytelling. And since most of us have more contact with our phones than with another person, we have decided to start with a simple text.