How To Live Forever...

"The reality is that after you die, you will most likely be totally forgotten after three generations...unless there is a written record of your life story. This is the only way to truly live forever. "

How much would you pay to be able to read the entire life story of your mother or father? How precious would their words of wisdom, their triumphs over failure, and even their greatest desire for you, be worth? What if you could go back further, to study the account of your grandparents, and their grandparents? Sadly, unless our parents were pivotal figures in history or culture, we will not have the privilege of learning from their recorded life, beyond that of memories and oral stories that will soon fade over time. 

It's a sobering notion for many, but the truth is that three generations after your death, you're going to be completely forgotten about. However, exceptions to the norm do exist. It's possible that some of us may be remembered for a longer period of time than others because of our celebrity or renown throughout our lifetimes.


This may be a difficult notion to grasp and internalize, but there are a variety of techniques we may take to help us cope. As a result, we avoid contemplating the prospect of extinction because we believe that physical life is eternal. It's terrifying for some people to think that they'll be gone forever, and it may have a profoundly crippling effect.


There is a way to live forever, beyond our mortal lives. This way is as old as history itself. It has and will always be through the power of story, that our legacies can live and influence generations well beyond our days upon the earth. The greatest asset that anyone of us can leave to our children and the next generation is our legacy.

SMS Novel is committed to creating a written record and account of every single life possible. All lives are interwoven in history meaning, that we can learn, grow, and evolve, from reading and learning from the written life account of the most obscure person to the most renowned. A written account of your life, both in print and digitally, is worth more than any NFT, because it serves as a living witness to both the beauty and brevity of your life, while also serving as a guide for anyone who would open the pages to read your time upon this earth.

It is often said, that life is the most precious gift. We believe this to be true. And like all gifts, it is meant to be shared with others. Our goal is to document your life in such a way, that it serves as a gift of grace to all those who would encounter who you are, who you were, and what you became in this life.

At SMS Novel, we are now creating legacy life stories, meaning each year of your life, a team of four SMS Novel writers, will come to your home and help you and your family reflect on the past year in order to add a new chapter to your story. Each year, another 100-page chapter is created, so that your children, family, friends, and the world can discover their journey, in your journey. It is only by the Living Word, that we can live forever. And even if our current digital network fails, there will always be a written account of your life.

Three generations are too soon to be forgotten. The goal of SMS Novel is to foster human connection, through the power of storytelling, that will continue to touch the world, forever.

                                                                Joe Johnson - Founder