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An SMS Novel Films original biopic of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Filmed on location in Detroit, MI. 

King of Detroit (Part One)

Rated PG-13

"King of Detroit" is a compelling faith-based biopic that delves into the tumultuous rise and fall of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, portrayed with depth and conviction by Pastor Cory Chavis. Set against the backdrop of the gritty streets of Detroit, this film takes viewers on a gripping journey through the political landscape and personal struggles that defined Kilpatrick's legacy.

As the charismatic and ambitious Kilpatrick ascends to the position of mayor, the film explores the complexities of his leadership and the impact on the city he swore to serve. Franke Pelino delivers a riveting performance as M.L. Elrick, the relentless reporter who breaks the story that unravels Kilpatrick's political empire.


Shot on location in Detroit, the city itself becomes a character in the narrative, providing a raw and authentic backdrop to the unfolding drama. The movie skillfully weaves together faith, politics, and personal redemption, offering a nuanced portrayal of Kilpatrick's journey from the heights of power to the depths of scandal.

"King of Detroit" is not just a cinematic exploration of a political figure; it's a poignant reflection on the consequences of choices made and the enduring power of faith in the face of adversity. This film serves as the final prologue to the political career and influence of Kwame Kilpatrick, leaving audiences with a thought-provoking narrative that lingers long after the credits roll.

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