One-Hour Novel is a fun, easy, and interactive way to write a quality novel or non-fiction book in only one hour. SMS Novel authors work with you via a live-shared document to create your story in real-time!  Once the story is finished, it is edited for you to sell, share, or publish as your choose!



Upon purchase, answer 10 questions about your book and send it to SMS via recording. Each answer should last 6 minutes. We then take your answers and start writing your book in real-time for you to see.
Receive a finished draft of your book within 24 hours. You then can edit, adjust, or amend as you choose. Share, sell, or distribute as you choose! Or allow SMS Novel to publish and share as a paperback, ebook, & audiobook!
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Set in 1985 Flint Michigan, a pastor struggles with his calling as he faces the greatest test of his life. After years of despairing over his city's spiritual state, Pastor Jacob Collins' fledging church experiences a major revival. The cause of this revival appears to be supernatural. But when Collins learns the true cause of the event is much more evil, he must make the decision, to tell the truth, or allow his congregation to believe a lie. The choice he makes will lead him down an unpredictable path of both triumph and terror.


Q: What happens when I sign up? 
A: Based upon whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, we send you a list of 10 questions to answer. You will then answer via our Voice Recorder software and send it to SMS for editing and writing. 

Q: Will the book be exactly what I want?
A: For fiction, we take your idea and create the story you give us. While no fiction story will be exactly the way that you want it in one hour, you will have a clear and solid story that you can adjust or edit. Non-fiction is more precise because it usually comes from your life. 

Q: How long does it take to record my answers?
A: We ask that you take 5-6 minutes each to record ten question answers.

Q: How long does it take to finish a one-hour novel?
A. It takes our writers 24 hours (business day) to complete your story.

Q: How much does a One-Hour novel cost? 
A: 99$. The books are 50 pages or about 8k words. If you want a longer book, you can update the quantity at purchase. You can also split it into 4 bi-weekly payments.

Q: Will you publish the book?
A: This service does not include publishing. But if your book meets our standards upon completion, we can offer publishing and/or other services. 

Q: Who chooses the story?
A: You choose!

Q: Who owns the book?
A: The book is yours to do whatever you want with?

Q: Can the book be changed when complete?
A: After 24 hours, the only changes that can be made are grammatical. While buyers can comment on the Google document to suggest changes, no content can be added upon completion.