• Travis Rosenberg

The American (Canadian) Dream


I believe in the American dream. Growing up in rural South Dakota, I was just a boy with a pipeline and a dream. And my dream was to see that pipeline run straight across that Indian reservation. (My dad worked for a big oil company.) My daddy told me when I was only 8 years old, “Son, if we could just get those Indians to see that the oil pipeline would help them then we could build it.” Taking my daddy at his words, I went out and tried to talk to all my Indian friends. The first friend was Wild Thing. Wild Thing, for some reason, always had the sniffles. I told him to talk to his tribe and tell them that the pipeline would help his family. He grabbed his nuts and said his tribe was "Winning" and did not need any outside help. I then went to Pedro. Pedro was always a bit superstitious and kept a weird doll named Jobu with him. I told him about the pipeline and how it would help him. But Pedro told me that he was in good hands and didn't need any help. After talking to a few other Indians, Chief Willie Hayes, and a few other Indians that looked surprisingly White, I realized that the American Dream could only be realized by taking away people's freedom of choice. Those Indians didn’t know what they were doing by rejecting that pipeline. It was then at the tender age of 8, that I realized that my dad's dream of giving something to the people, would only come by taking away their freedom of choice.

Well you may not have heard, but recently my dad got his pipeline. And I have come to realize two things after seeing the protests and emotion from those dear Native Americans fighting for their land. Number one: Wild Thing had a really bad drug problem. And secondly, my dad was wrong. You see, like the election, the American dream is not about what a few people want and then taking away the dignity of the few to get it. It's not's about electing a man with no Presidential experience because you believe that he is the embodiment of the American Dream and can give it to you by taking away from others.

But after the election, if Donald Trump wins again, I may be confronted with this reality. Maybe Donald Trump is this is the American Dream. Maybe we’ve misconstrued the American Dream by forgetting American history. You know the history of taking the nation from the Native Americans, taking the labor from the Blacks, and then taking religion away from God himself. If Donald Trump is the American Dream then the rest of us are just living in the Matrix. Could it be that we only exist to fuel the machine of those who are actually running the country? Well if that is so, it’s time we take the red pill and wake the hell up! And maybe in this book, (serious message coming) Canada is really a metaphor for something deeper. Maybe, to us concerned Americans - Canada is not about escaping Grand Leader Donald Trump, or getting closer to Drake, or even lusting at the opportunity to be near that dreamy White hunk of a man Justin Trudeau. Maybe to people like me who are leaving the country, Canada symbolizes rationalism and sensibility. Maybe Canada is about civility and respect. And maybe just maybe, our desire to go to Canada is not about leaving America because of what it is about to come, maybe it’s about making a new America wherever we choose to go.