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Tubi Film Events Are a New Trend To Film a Movie...With Little To No Skill, But With Faith...

Updated: Sep 1

Title: SMS Novel's Innovative Approach: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Tubi Film Weekend Projects

In a groundbreaking move within the entertainment industry, SMS Novel, a Black-owned film company, is spearheading an initiative that's turning dreams into reality for aspiring actors with little to no experience. Offering a fresh take on film production, the Tubi Film Weekend Projects are creating opportunities for untapped talent to star in Tubi movies while introducing an exciting and adventurous twist to the filmmaking process.

The Unconventional Casting Process

The Tubi Film Weekend Projects begin with an open call for actors, prioritizing individuals with minimal to zero experience in the industry. This inclusivity reflects SMS Novel's commitment to providing opportunities to those who have historically been underrepresented in filmmaking.

Selected actors are then invited to meet with directors over dinner and drinks, setting the stage for a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. During these sessions, actors discuss their roles and expectations, fostering a creative dialogue that is often absent from traditional casting processes.

The Unique Table Read Experience

Following the initial meet-and-greet, the actors embark on a thrilling journey that resembles an adventure of sorts. Each actor is fitted with a discreet Bluetooth earpiece that feeds them their lines in real-time as they act. This innovative approach allows newcomers to focus on their performance without the pressure of memorizing lengthy scripts.

As the actors move from one location to another, including quick costume changes in coffee shop bathrooms, the process unfolds like a captivating drama, mirroring the characters they portray. This unconventional approach adds a layer of excitement and spontaneity to the filmmaking experience.

The Climactic Final Shot

The Tubi Film Weekend Projects culminate in an exhilarating final shot, often taken during the late hours of the night. The actors' performances are shaped by the organic flow of the script and the unique challenges of on-the-go filming. The collective energy and determination to create something extraordinary bind the cast and crew together.

The Pay-to-Stream Premiere

Once the filming is complete, the footage is edited and prepared for a Pay-to-Stream premiere event via Zoom. This approach allows SMS Novel to generate revenue from the project, which can be reinvested into future initiatives, while also providing viewers with exclusive access to the film.

Empowering Actors with Ownership

One notable aspect of the Tubi Film Weekend Projects is that the actors do not receive royalties for their performances. However, they do have the right to sell the film directly themselves, giving them a sense of ownership over their work and a pathway to potentially generate income from the project.

SMS Novel's Faith-Based Vision

SMS Novel, under the leadership of Jomo K Johnson, is on the brink of augmenting Tubi TV's allure by introducing faith-based content. The intent is clear: to create a space that welcomes diverse perspectives, including those steeped in spirituality.

  • Faith-Based Inclusivity: The infusion of faith-based content is an ambitious move that intends to cater to a broad audience, especially African American viewers who find solace and inspiration in narratives that speak to their beliefs and values.

  • A Unique Perspective: SMS Novel's faith-based content will offer a fresh perspective, addressing themes of spirituality, community, and personal growth. This addition is poised to spark meaningful conversations and provide viewers with thought-provoking narratives.

  • Collaborative Endeavors: The company is actively collaborating with gifted individuals and organizations to craft faith-based content that resonates deeply. By leveraging the creativity and expertise of faith-driven storytellers, they aim to craft content that strikes a chord with viewers.

  • Expanding Opportunities: SMS Novel's venture into faith-based content represents a broader commitment to expanding opportunities for underrepresented voices in the industry. It aims to diversify the narratives available to viewers, enriching the cultural and spiritual tapestry of storytelling.

As Tubi TV continues to ascend as a preferred streaming platform for African Americans, the addition of faith-based content by SMS Novel signifies an exciting chapter in its evolution. It underscores a commitment to inclusivity, acknowledging the cultural and spiritual dimensions that influence the viewing preferences of African American audiences. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of streaming services, Tubi TV stands as a shining example of a platform that not only entertains but also empowers and connects communities.

Conclusion: A New Era of Inclusive Filmmaking

SMS Novel's Tubi Film Weekend Projects are rewriting the script for how films are cast, produced, and distributed. By breaking down barriers to entry for aspiring actors and embracing an adventurous, spontaneous approach to filmmaking, SMS Novel is contributing to a new era of inclusive cinema. As the film industry continues to evolve, initiatives like these are vital in ensuring that fresh voices and untapped talent have the opportunity to shine.



Interviewer: Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Jomo K Johnson. Can you start by telling us about the inspiration behind SMS Novel and its mission?

Jomo K Johnson: Certainly, and thank you for having me. SMS Novel was born out of a desire to disrupt the traditional norms of the film industry. Our mission is to provide opportunities to aspiring talent, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, who may not have had access to the world of filmmaking. We wanted to create a space where creativity thrives, barriers are broken, and new voices are heard.

Interviewer: The Tubi Film Weekend Projects you've pioneered are quite innovative. Can you walk us through how the idea for these projects came about?

Jomo K Johnson: Absolutely. The idea for the Tubi Film Weekend Projects was sparked by a desire to make filmmaking more accessible and exciting. We wanted to create a unique experience for both the actors and the audience. The concept of actors receiving their lines through a Bluetooth device while moving through real locations added an element of adventure and spontaneity that we thought would be captivating.

Interviewer: It's clear that these projects offer a distinctive approach to filmmaking. Can you share some of the challenges you've faced in implementing this unconventional method?

Jomo K Johnson: Of course. Implementing this approach has come with its share of challenges. Coordinating the logistics of on-the-go filming, including quick costume changes in public places, can be quite demanding. Moreover, ensuring that the Bluetooth devices work seamlessly for all actors throughout the shoot has been a technical challenge that we've had to overcome.

Interviewer: What has been the most rewarding aspect of the Tubi Film Weekend Projects for you and your team?

Jomo K Johnson: The most rewarding aspect has been witnessing the transformation of individuals who had little to no experience in acting into confident performers. Seeing their enthusiasm and the sense of accomplishment they gain from participating in these projects is truly gratifying. Additionally, providing a platform for fresh voices and stories to be told has been incredibly fulfilling for our team.

Interviewer: Some have raised concerns about actors not receiving royalties for their work in these projects. Can you shed some light on the decision behind this?

Jomo K Johnson: It's an important question. While we do not provide royalties to actors, we do offer them the opportunity to sell the film directly themselves. This decision was made to empower actors with ownership over their work and provide them with a potential avenue for income from the project. We believe in providing opportunities for financial growth beyond the traditional compensation models.

Interviewer: Looking ahead, what are your future plans for SMS Novel and the Tubi Film Weekend Projects?

Jomo K Johnson: We have ambitious plans for the future. SMS Novel will continue to expand its portfolio of projects, focusing on inclusivity and innovation. We aim to collaborate with more talented individuals and organizations to create unique content. As for the Tubi Film Weekend Projects, we want to take them to new heights, reaching a broader audience and continuing to provide aspiring actors with unforgettable experiences.

Interviewer: Thank you, Mr. Johnson, for sharing your insights into SMS Novel and your innovative approach to filmmaking. We look forward to seeing how your projects continue to evolve and inspire aspiring talent.

Jomo K Johnson: Thank you for having me. It's been a pleasure discussing our vision and initiatives. We're excited about the future and the impact we can make in the world of filmmaking.

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