By Michelle De Leon


As a new Atlanta homicide detective rebuilds his marriage and advances his career, he learns how temptation and bad decisions have threatened to ruin him; in two lifetimes.


Ethan Aragon has reconciled with his wife, Bria.  During their separation he became involved with a woman named Jerrae Tate.  A relationship that was destined to fail for many reasons; Ethan and Bria ultimately decided their marriage was worth fighting for and their union was definitely meant to be.  During his first investigation as a detective, he discovers Jerrae is somehow involved in murder.  While working a separate case, Ethan is shot by a suspect and goes into a coma.  While unconscious, he experiences an alternate life as a rookie NFL player.  A dream he had in his youth, Ethan becomes a star for the NY Giants. While doing press and making appearances, he meets and is immediately enamored of a young up and coming TV writer, Bria Coppock.  As their relationship grows more intimate, an ex-girlfriend makes advances and spins things in the media that shine a bad light on Ethan's character.  Bria believes in Ethan and helps him through the chaos.  However, Jax Rollins is a common enemy in both lifetimes that the Aragons never saw coming.


A romantic suspense story which takes place in Atlanta, New York City and an upscale New Jersey suburb.  A Couple of Forevers explores the concept of fate and how certain events shape who you are no matter which life pattern you follow.

A Couple of Forevers

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