By Beka R. March


Roxie Thomas is a freelance ocean photographer who gets an assignment in New Zealand, and takes her nine-year-old triplets along on the journey. The girls are excited about joining the efforts to help free a pregnant beached whale. To past the time on the 14-hour long flight, they beg their mother to tell them the mermaid story, a fantasy, island tale that she’s been telling them for years. 

Roxie shares a magical story about a young girl named Queenie, who meets a mermaid one summer by the name of Gem. Gem is a species of merfolk known as a Merquatican. She’s an impulsive and immature flipper from the Nesirkie clan, and she typically ignores the rules of the merpeople. She does this when she befriends one of the tail-less, the expression merpeople have for humans.


Queenie and Gem are happy spending time, talking and learning about one another’s worlds. But there’s also a sadness to both of them. It centers around the issues each of them are facing, about their homes and those they love. 


The story inside this story starts to slowly be revealed, when Gem helps paint a picture about what’s happening in her world under the sea. We also get a chance to hear Roxie’s private thoughts in between the storytelling, and pretty soon we realize there’s a lot more to the story that she isn’t telling. Roxie’s children don’t realize the events in the story are actually a watered down version of their mother’s own past; a past buried in New Zealand, on an island she hadn’t been back to in years.


BEKA R. MARCH is a divorced mother of one (adult son), and she resides in Los Angeles California. Not only is Beka R. March a debut fantasy author, but she plans to write all her future stories and books centered specifically around the mermaid theme. Visit

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