Black For a Day is an interactive novel that allows you to live-stream follow the lives of four black men and women. Along with reading their journey and introduction, the reader can click on "Live" in the e-book and experience the 24 hour day of one of the characters, while interacting with the characters in real-time.


This book is filled with, what would you do scenarios, deep-heart felt conversation and mutual listening. 


This is an engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking reading experience, meant to shed light on what it means to be Black in America, while fostering mutual empathy leading to greater racial harmony.


Black For a Day (To be released June 25th)

  • After purchase, an e-book download will be sent to the reader. Inside the E-book, after each chapter, is a live-stream connection link, that will allow you to connect with the character in real-time. (Links take one hour to activate after purchase and expire 24 hours after.)