8 Illustration Minimum Includes Publishing


Includes one-basic full-basic children's illustration with page background. After purchase, SMS will send you a description form for your story and create a draft within 24 hours. The author will be able to suggest amendments and changes for completion.



With any purchase of 8 or more drawings, SMS Novel will offer full publishing services of paperback and e-book children's book. 50% royalty will be paid out electronically the same day of each sale from the website and monthly from third-party sellers. Includes 300$ royalty minimum guarantee for three months.*



Children's Book Illustrations & Publishing (with background)

$34.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • With the purchase of 8 or more illustrations, SMS Novel will offer full publishing for the story. For publishing, submit story description to contact@SMSNovel.com

    Royalty Payout:

    The same-day payout on Monday through Friday

    Payment made electronically

    Terms valid for one-year.

    100$ Minimum Monyhlu Royalty Payout*

    *Must follow four-week SMS Promotional Plan:

    a. Email marketing

    b. Live Video Book Releases