Direct Your Own Zoom Movie allows users to work with an acting coach and actors, to create their own Zoom Story. Select how much hours you want and SMS Novel will provide actors who can provide:


1. Table reading and rehearsal via zoom.

2. Follow your direction for acting emphasis

3. Multiple rehearsals

4. Live-recording of your script and story.

5. Acting coach to provide collaboration and direction.


Once the story is done, the recording belongs to you to share, edit, distribute, or publish! This is a great tool for writers and those who want to see their stories come alive!

Direct You Own Zoom Movie/Show!

  • Includes 1 hour or coaching and recording. (For multiple hours, update quanity at purchase.) All recordings will be the sole ownership of the creator. User will be given form to help determine best actors for their story. Maximum of 4 actors used per story. Each additional actor is 15$.