In a Utopian society, Orpheus has been blessed with a writing gift that has taken the world by storm. His ability to write on any topic in the most profound way, has placed him in the inner circle of the elite, powerful, and the world's renown. But despite achieving global success, it is when he is asked to write the biography of Bethany, the terminally ill daughter of a famous politician, that he is faced with the biggest crisis of his life - falling in love. This love is challenged when he asks God to save her. When an angel appears to him stating that God will grant his request if he surrenders his writing gift, he accepts. But after she is healed he soon begins to go insane without his ability to write. Upon realizing the deal that Orpheus made, Bethany, out of love for him, takes her own life in order to ask God face to face, to restore the gift that he took. It is upon learning of his wife's death, that Orpheus writes a love letter so powerful that it shakes heaven and earth. But the question remains, is it strong enough to resurrect Bethany?

Hell's Love Letter

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