Your Character: Travis Rosenberg


Fresh off the Donald Trump Presidential Election win, Comedian and Satirist Travis Rosenberg releases the comedic tragedy, "The Hitchhiker's Guide To Canada." Part novel, part travel guide, part rant, all-hilarious, part ode to Drake, Rosenberg outlines the reasons he is booking his flight to Canada before the inauguration of Donald Trump. Set in a dystopian world, (the day after the election) Rosenberg's quips, anecdotes, and comical observations of a Trump Presidency will leave readers both in comical fear. Get your Hitchhiker's Guide and plane tickets today. Trump is President.


Book Includes Map, Canadian Citizen Test Tips, and Hitchhiker's Helps! Book Trailer



Travis Rosenberg was an American comic but now performs exclusively in Montreal, Quebec, and other Canadian cities. When not making people laugh, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Samantha and his two daughters Sarah and Christine. The family lives safely and quietly in an undisclosed Canadian province. Currently, Travis has been spending time writing and watching Red Dawn and studying the Tim LaHaye book series, Left Behind, in order to help the remnant who survives the General Trump reign of terror.

Hitchhiker's Guide To Canada

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