"My Name Is Sam" is the first interactive book of its kind to be both intelligent, interactive, and inter-personal. Sam the Bear is a mobile buddy friend for adults that gets to know you by name. Correspond with Sam every day around your favorite topics all via SMS Message. Sam can text you the following: 


1. To Discuss & Watch Your Favorite TV Shows/Movies/Music With You

2. Provide Both Local and National News Updates

3. Talk About Sports

4. Read a Book Together and Discuss

5. Provide a Weekly SMS Novel

6. Answer Questions That Even Siri Can't!

7. Text You How Important You Are & How Much You Matter.



Cell phone texting is not required. "I'm Sam" can be accessed through the SMS website messenger.



I'm Sam! 24-7 Mobile Buddy (3 Day Trial)

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  • 1. "I'm Sam" one-time purchase is for 1 days and includes 25 full-text messages per day. "I'm Sam" does not receive nor make phone calls. "I'm Sam" operates 24 hours a day.

    2. For entertainment purposes only.