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Dive into a cinematic journey tailored just for you! Begin with a personal interview to craft a script that captures your essence. Benefit from 2 hours of professional filming, culminating in a riveting 30-minute interactive film. Plus, polish your portfolio with 50 stunning headshots. Monetize your story with earnings from streams and direct sales. Embrace the spotlight, get paid, and leave an indelible mark on your audience. Join the SMS Novel revolution and become the star of your own interactive film saga!



These stories are designed to be faith-based interactive films, that allow the viewer to experience your life. All stories are designed to be factual and based upon the life of the film subject.

Interactive Film Creation Based Upon Your Life

    • Service includes:

      • Interview to craft a short script tailored to you.
      • 2hrs of professional filming for a 30min interactive film.
      • Provision of 50 headshots.
    • Customized film delivered within 14 days post-filming.

    • Compensation details:

      • Earn $2.50 per stream.
      • Earn $4.99 per direct sale via SMS Novel.
    • Payouts are conducted weekly, every Friday.

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