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YOUR ROLE: Jermaine aka Cold Gang

Jermaine aka Cold Gang lives the life of a superstar rapper. He raps the streets and lives the high life. But during a show in Flint Michigan, Jermaine is shocked to see kids at young as 8 years old living on the street addicted to drugs. When he explores the city and encounters the young Travelle, he realizes that the influence of his drug-filled lyrics has played a role in the child’s demise. Haunted by his responsibility, Cold attempts to make a change in his lyrics and persona. But when his record sales and popularity began to wane, both his record label and the drug dealers that funded his career began to pressure him to change back. The question remains, will he revert back to the old Cold or will he stand firm in his new conviction of positivity knowing that it may cost him his career and life.

KOD: Kids On Drugs

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