When a mentally unstable voodoo priestess gives birth to a son in New Orleans, the child, named Elijah, is immediately taken away by child services against his mother's wishes. She places a curse on the city before dying. When the child reaches 30 years old, he appears in New Orleans 5th Ward and begins to do miracles such as turning flour into cocaine and using the money made from selling the drug to feed the poor. He soon gains the following of the city's most prominent trap stars, including Peter aka The Rock. As Elijah's following grows and his demands on his follower increase, Peter is confronted with the frightening reality of who he is actually following. When Elijah offers Peter the opportunity to take his place in the streets, he realizes that it comes with an unthinkable cost. The choice he makes will not only affect his life but the lives of all those in the city.

Lord of The Trap

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