Samantha and Rachel have been best friends since kindergarten. Yet when they enter high school together they are tormented by Heather, a popular cheerleader and class bully. After being embarrassed at the freshman dance by Heather and her friends, the two girls decide to get revenge. Samantha decides to use the sleeping gas from her dad's medical office to trick Heather believing it is helium for a school project. When Heather passes out, both girls plan to make an embarrassing viral video with Heather as the butt of the joke. But when Heather does not wake up, both girls become frantic as to whether or not they have actually killed the bully. The result is a comical yet enlightening school day in which the girls attempt to cover up their tracks while also reexamining their own actions of how they have handled the situation. 

OMG! I Think We Killed The Bully

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