SMS 1 - Hour Novel includes live-writing with SMS Pro Author to create a custom story author which includes SMS Book Cover and uploaded manuscript for distribution purposes only.  SMS Novel also guarantees to create and convert approved story concept and interaction for paperback, e-book distribution, and audio book creation. Authors allows SMS Novel to distribute, print, and disseminate create novel with full usage of name and image given. SMS Novel also guarantees 50 percent royalty to the author for each book sale from the SMS Novel website and 50 percentl royalty to the author from each sale via Amazon or other electronic channels. Sales report can be requested with 30 days. These terms are valid from one year of  purchase and can be cancelled by any party after this time with 30 day notification.


Royalty Payout:

Royalty payouts schedule are to be followed as daily payout by 9pm EST Monday to Friday for direct sales from SMS Novel website. Sales from Amazon and Audible consist on the 4th of the month, starting 60 days after book creation.


One Hour Novel with Audio Book

  • After purchase, send message to our chatbox with your story name. You will then be linked to a pro-writer via a secure server with instruction on writing. You can start immediately or even schedule a time to begin.