Zoom albums are 24-7 live and automated music podcasts dedicated to one music artist and their fans. The album allows users to connect to a live-album via Zoom at any time to listen to newly created artist music, connect directly to the band, chat with other listeners, and enjoy live on-demand performances and videos from the artist. This new form of music is a great way for artists to connect with those who are most important: the fans.



Q: Who should create a zoom album?


A: Zoom albums are best suited for artists that have over 40 songs. Because Zoom albums are 24-7, it is important to have enough material to share with the fans. Material includes videos, artist shows, and interviews.


Q: How much time does an artist need to commit to being available?


A: It depends, but we suggest being able to commit at least one hour a day to be available to fans. SMS Novel also creates interviews with the artists and automated answers that can be used to interact with fans.


Q: Do Zoom albums include a Live-Host?


A: Yes, SMS Novel provides a host for Zoom albums that moderates, shares information about the band, and also host a semi-podcast about the band and their music. This is a great promotional tool that allows fans to stay connected to the band via a live-host.


Q: Can the band sell merchandise via the live-album?


A: Yes, if the band has CD's, unreleased music, or merchandise, this merch will be promoted and share via a commercial style platform int he Zoom album.


Q: How are the songs played?


A: The songs are played in a loop, and cannot be skipped. But users can request certain songs to be played from the live-host.


Q: How does pricing work?


A: The $199.99 covers hosting for one month. This allows for 24-7 access, selling, and distribution of the album.


Q: How much do Zoom albums cost for the listener?


A: The Zoom album for the listener is $9.99 a month for the user. They can cancel at anytime.


Q: How does artist get paid royalties?


A: Artist includes 50% royalty share from each album sold, which is paid out monthly.

Zoom Music Album Creation

  • Includes one-month of live-access. After purchase, the artist will be sent questionnaires and material request to get started. Conversion and material creation takes 3 days to complete and a live sample with the host will be shared before going live.


    Each Zoom album costs $9.99 per user monthly. A live sample of the Zoom album will be available on the artist album page. Artists receives 50% of all album sales paid out monthly.