Written by Carlin Hertz


COL Sterling Donald, a world-renown Pathologist for the U.S. Army has been tasked by the President to come up with a cure for a virus that is on the verge of wiping out mankind. Nicknamed “White Death,” this virus strikes fast leaving its victims dead in less than a week. As Dr. Sterling works around the clock to find a cure, he is delivered bad news as his wife of 30 years is sick with this deadly disease. With the whole country on a mandatory lockdown, Dr. Sterling has only seven days to get home to give his dying wife the possible antidote to save her. He must use creative ways to get home and avoid a band of thieves that want the antidote themselves to sell to the highest bidder. Will Dr. Sterling make it home in time to save his wife? Can he overcome the perilous obstacles in his path? Pandemic Love takes you on a cross-country, electrifying journey and shows that love has no distance!

Pandemic Love by Carlin Hertz

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