Pod-Bud Co-host allows you to have access to hundreds to podcast co hosts to start your new podcast. SMS Novel will present five candidates of co-hosts, based upon voice, experience of topics, availability, and education. We then match you with the co-host to record a 30 minute podcast based upon the topic of your choice.


When podcast is finished, SMS Novel will edit and publish to all major podcast platforms, including Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, & more.


Publishing is VIA SMS Platform.

POD-BUD (Podcast Co-Host)

  • Pod Bud is limited to one 30 minute podcast recording. For more pods, update the quantity at purchase.  After purchase, you will be sent a questionnaire to get more information about your podcast. We will then submit 5 candidates to begin to choose from. After you choose your co-host, you will be scheduled to go over the podcast script and set date for the recording.

    Includes a 15 minute trial podcast recording.


  • If for any reason, SMS Novel is unable to aquire a co-host to the standard of purchaser, a full refund will be sent.