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Welcome to "Produce It: A Guide to Finding Producers or Producing Your Indie Film" by Gini Graham Scott. If you've ever dreamed of writing a script and seeing it brought to life on the big screen, this book is for you. I have been in the industry for many years and have seen firsthand the challenges and obstacles that aspiring writers face when trying to break into the business. This book is a comprehensive guide that will take you through every step of the process, from developing your concept and writing your script, to creating materials to sell your script, and ultimately, selling it to producers.


In this book, you'll learn how to create compelling characters, write a compelling story and structure a script, develop a pitch and write a logline, create a treatment and a script outline, how to format a script, and how to create a pitch deck to sell your script. But that's not all. You'll also learn the ins and outs of the industry and the different routes to getting your script produced, such as pitching to producers, agents, and managers, and the importance of networking and building relationships in the industry.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer, this guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to take your script from concept to screen. With my guidance, you'll learn how to write a script that stands out, how to make materials to sell your script, and how to sell your script to producers or get the funding to make your movie. So let's begin this journey together and make your script a reality.



Gini Graham Scott, PhD, is a screenplay writer, executive producer, and TV game show developer, plus a nonfiction writer who has written and executive produced 18 feature films, documentaries, and pilots for TV/film series through her company Changemakers Productions. She has published over 200 books, 50 for traditional publishers and 150 for her own company Changemakers Publishing. Her IMDB resume is at


She also writes, reviews, and ghostwrites scripts, books, and other materials for clients, including book to film reviews, loglines/synopsis, show bibles, and sizzle reels. She has written over 150 songs as a BMI writer, recorded with various singers and bands.


Her produced films in release include Me, My Dog, and I, Rescue Me, and When Love Goes Bad distributed by Random Media, Driver, distributed by Gravitas Ventures, Deadly Infidelity, distributed by Green Apple, The New Age of Aging and Courage to Continue distributed by Factory Films, and Reversal distributed by Shami Media Group, Several other films have just been completed: When Love Goes Bad, Surviving Change, Finding Happiness, Be Kind, and Conned. Others in post-production include Scammed and The Last Party. Other films planned for filming are The Path to Creativity, Dark Cabin, Paranoia, and My Home. More details and trailers are at


Her scripts have received 180 awards in international film festivals, with another 14 entries pending. The films that have garnered special attention include a horror film: Dark Cabin; a suspense thriller: Paranoia, Dream On, and Golf Balls: three murder/suspense dramas: American Reversal and In Reverse; two sci-fi scripts: Brain Swap and Dead No More, and three crime scripts: Out of Control, Deadly Deposit and Coke and Diamonds.


She has recently developed a TV series The Return of the Neanderthals, based on a series of books about the Neanderthals coming back into modern society. She has also written and produced over 60 short films, including dramas, book and film trailers, TV show pilots, documentaries, and promotional videos. Her scripts include action/adventure scripts, suspense thrillers, psychological character films, and contemporary dramas.


She is the author of four books on filming, including Turn Your Book or Script into a Film, published by Waterside Productions. Other film industry books include: The Basic Guide to Pitching, Producing, and Distributing Your Film; The Basic Guide to Doing Your Own Film Distribution; and Finding Funds for Your Film or TV Project;, which has also been turned into a course.


She has been hired to write over three dozen scripts for clients, adapted from their novels, memoirs, or script ideas. She reviews books for their film potential and writes treatments and scripts for several companies that publish books and promote them for authors.


Her website for publishing and writing is


Gini Scott Graham is the founder of books and 18 films. Learn more about Gini at:

Produce It! A Guide to Finding Producers or Producing Your Indie Film

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