By Michelle De Leon


Dane Briggs is an Atlanta homicide detective who tries to protect the younger sister of Aracely Velez; the woman who played a part in the near fatal shooting of his friend and partner.  Although he and Velez  had a short past that he found wasn't real, Briggs can't help but intervene as another innocent person may pay the ultimate price for her family's crimes. As Briggs leaves Atlanta for the Jersey Shore, Corazon Velez is not completely sold on the advice that she needs protection until her hard earned tattoo studio is burned down.  She's spent her entire life distancing herself from her father's line of business.  One her sister was all to eager to participate in before landing in a Georgia prison.  But could she trust this man who'd been effected by her sister's evilness?  Briggs really wasn't giving her much choice as their road trip back to Atlanta involves an attempt on her life. They grow close as he defends her in any way he can, but is this love or just an adrenaline rush?

Protecting Mi Corazon

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