YOUR CHARACTER: Claudia or Alex


In 2020, newly married Claudia Jones joins her Dutch husband Alex George in the Netherlands for his new job as private assistant to Prince Marcus, who is 3rd in line to the throne of the Netherlands. Prince Marcus tragically loses his wife (Sophia) eighteen months before the series begins and asks Claudia and Alex to take his 10-year-old twins (Prince Remy and Princess Amabel) to USA where they can live private and normal lives for a few years. Claudia and Alex decide to move to her hometown of Holland, Michigan, to live in a cottage on her family farm. Claudia and Alex become full time employees of the prince and pretend the kids are Alex’s from a previous relationship. Claudia helps Alex and the royal twinsadjust to American life while keeping the secret from her parents (Sara and Joseph), her sister Cindy and her brother Brent as well as her friends, Clara and Tilly.

Royals Among Us

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