By J.L. Skirvin




Christophe's eyes behold whiteness everywhere he looks.

Snowflakes falling from a white sky drift into brilliant banks covering lawn and field. Forest floors and mountain peaks slumber beneath snow deep as an eiderdown quilt. Rooftops silently uphold white bunting like royal heads bearing ermine-trimmed crowns. Smoky puffs escaping hearths' inferno billow through chimneys to find swift relief in snowfall's embrace. Frozen sidewalks winding onward escort streets lying-in-state wear their own shades of white. Even chevron tracks left by cars' winter tires differentiate contrasting high and low depths imprinted on roadways' snowy luster leaving behind impressions resembling long sterling silver chain-link necklaces winding through the frosty-white neighborhood that is Soleil.

The horizon is probably white too, if I could only see it!

Worldly bachelor, Hermes Thomas and his nephew, Christophe, orphan son of his brother and Madeleine (Hermes' secret obsession) are brought to vibrant new light by way of scintillating girl, Sheila whose gentle actions ravel the quiet side of Healing.

The Canadian-born author was raised without television and educated across the provinces between Vancouver and Toronto in one-room schoolhouses and largest city campuses by an educator-mother possessed with a wanderlust spirit. Jeanette Skirvin, BSc. RDH resides by the seaside in California.

By the same author, published by Elementá: "Jaguar Ravenz King" and "Rollins of Stone House"

Snow Sizzling In Soleil

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