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Want to find your soul mate? Are you ready to be a soul mate for someone else? It is not about bumping into the perfect person. It is about understanding that most of what you know about soul mates, love, marriage, commitment, and sex is based upon myths instilled in you. Are you ready to set yourself free of the myths and lies that bind and blind you from finding and being a soul mate? Dustin Alexander takes us through the journey in a methodical manner presenting biological, sociological, theological, psychological, and zoological facts to uncover the truths of love. Stop waiting to bump into the right person, start making a soul mate today!

Soul Mate Making - by Dustin Alexander

  • Includes 15 minutes of live texting or Live-Read with the storyteller. For multiple intervals, update the quantity at purchase.


    Three ways to start:

    a. Text 912-268-1890,

    b. Use website messenger

    c. Connect via WhatsApp after purchase to begin the story.

    1. Live Author will respond with story, setting, and details

    2. You are the main character of the story.

    3. Begin to read, interact, and enjoy!


    To connect with a live-read author, follow instructions on the email confirmation page after purchase.

    1. Connect with storyteller via video chat

    2. Enjoy a dramatic reading or interactive roleplay.

    3. Enjoy human connection and great reading together!

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