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Kevin Durant is one of the greatest talents that we have ever seen. Yet his apparent inability to remain content in one location & constant twitter battles with critics may show a deeper issue.

"The Kevin Durant we now know is far different from the OKC Thunder-friendly neighbor who would show up to play flag football fans or in films like Thunderstruck. "

The new book by author and SMS Novel creator, Joe Johnson, shows that KD may never reach his potential while getting high while leaving him unable to set the best example for those who love him the most: at-risk youth. This is a must read book for entrepreneurs, athletes, and young adults who want to get 100% out of life, and not just the 95%.

Stay Off The W...

  • Paperback book ships on June 8th, 2022. E-book Will be distributed at 11:59 am EST the same day. Allow 3-5 days for U.S. Shipping via U.S.P.S. Please allow 10-15 days shipping for all international orders via DHL.

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