Enjoy a new way to connect over a story!


The new service from SMS allows you to connect on-demand via Zoom or video chat with a live SMS Storyteller for a 5-minute story. After purchase, you will be able to choose your genre of story and the gender of the storyteller. 


Enjoy a true 5-minute story and receive an mp4 video recording when complete!






Life Lessons



Tell Me a True Story!

  • After purchase, you will receive a link to choose your story genre and gender preference. You will also be given the option of scheduling your story for a later time.

    Once connected, you will meet the storyteller in the SMS Video Chatroom. Story will last for 5 minutes with feedback and live interaction. After the story is complete, an mp4 video will be sent to the purchaser. All users must agree to terms of conduct in the chatroom.