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When a disgruntled and wandering Christian finds both life and ministry unfulfilling, he decides to do something unimaginable...literally live like Jesus. The Invisible Jesus: My 365 Day Journey To Rediscover the Son of God, is a engaging, almost unbelievable, yet the inspirational journey of one man's year of surrender, minimalism, and faith to find true purpose in following in the footsteps of Christ. From attempting a literal 40 day fast, willfully becoming homeless, giving his possessions to the poor, to having the police called on him in a church service, The Invisible Jesus, will inspire and challenge you to live the life God always matter what the cost.



The Invisible Jesus: My 365 Day Journey To Rediscover The Son of God

  • Includes 15 minutes of live texting or Live-Read with the storyteller. For multiple intervals, update the quantity at purchase.


    Three ways to start:

    a. Text 912-268-1890,

    b. Use website messenger

    c. Connect via WhatsApp after purchase to begin the story.

    1. Live Author will respond with story, setting, and details

    2. You are the main character of the story.

    3. Begin to read, interact, and enjoy!


    To connect with a live-read author, follow instructions on the email confirmation page after purchase.

    1. Connect with storyteller via video chat

    2. Enjoy a dramatic reading or interactive roleplay.

    3. Enjoy human connection and great reading together!

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