YOUR CHARACTER: Stephen Levi (The Manager)

Forsaken Thy is on top of the world. His first two albums, although dark, violent and blasphemous, has solidified his standing among a new generation of rebellious young rap fans. As he prepares to release his third and most anticipated album, he suffers a seizure and flat-lines for 30 seconds. During this time, he is visited by an angel that tells him, because of his life of sin and unbelief towards God, he will soon die and go to Hell. But surprisingly the angel informs him that he will not perish until he finishes his last album. After he shares his vision with his manager Stephen Levi, he becomes more confused. But when when the angel visits him again, he must make a choice: create the album that his fans want or warn them of the consequences of a sinful rebellious life.



A live zoom novel is one in which you play the character in the story. You connect with the author/actor in realtime using Zoom to improv the story unto its conclusion. No improv experience necessary as you will be prompted. For this story, you play the role of the manager and interact in conversations with the main character. Throughout the story, the character "Keith Lamar' will share his visions and music with you, and you will counsel him on whether to follow the vision or continue making similar music that he is being condemned for. Entire story last about 30 minutes and includes original music from the book's soundtrack.



1. Can I Die Now

2. Letter To The World

3. Watch Me Die

4. The End of The World

5. I Used To Love Her

6. Who Am I

7. Forsaken

8. Revelation 20

9. I Don't Wanna Be Lonely x2

10. Reparations In Heaven



Jomo K. Johnson is an author and musician. He has a Masters of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and is the author of God's Trophy, Deadest Rapper Alive, and Call Tyrone. He has released three full length albums including the song Amazing Grace featuring the rapper Cassidy and Johanna Jones.

The Last Album Before I Go To Hell

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  • Includes 30 minutes of live-zoom interaction with the author. 

    1. Live Author will respond with story, setting, and details

    2. You respond as the character of the story. (Improv-style)

    3. The story is shaped by your responses.

    4. Includes recording of interaction and original soundtrack.