Lil X's is a young, rich, super-popular street rapper who made it from the bottom to the top of the charts. His first two albums, although dark and violent, have solidified his standing among a new generation of rebellious young rap fans that follow his every word and move. As he prepares to release his third and most anticipated album he suffers a seizure and flat-lines for 30 seconds. During this time, he is visited by an angel that tells him he will soon die and go to hell because of his life of sin and unbelief towards God. But surprisingly the angel tells him that he will not die until he finishes his last album. When he is revived he is met with even more attention and album anticipation during his recovery. After he shares his vision with his girlfriend and inner circle, she brushes it off as nothing more than a dream while encouraging him to make his hardest album ever. But the question remains, how will Lil X's record music knowing he will soon meet judgment and what will he say to his fans as the album date nears.

The Last Album Before I Go To Hell

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