New You Virtual allows SMS Novel to create a live automated video version of yourself. SMS Novel will host Virtual You for one hour and includes a live recording. (Includes 10 minutes of creation and hosting.)


Virtual You+Hosting Allows User To:


1. Attending Zoom and conference meetings, while being able to answer questions and make remarks

2. Can host an automated and recorded class

3. Perform Zoom or Virtual interviews or Q & A's.

4. Entertain friends or family by creating an automated self.



Q: How does it work?

A: SMS Novel will have you record a series of answers and responses that you want to use for your self. Using our software, we then host a seamless meeting experience in which your virtual self can attend meetings, ask and answer questions, and share feedback or teach. 

Virtual You -Digital Clone +Hosting


    Update quantity at checkout for more time. SMS Novel is not responsible for any misuse of service as the of a digital clone is for entertainment use only.  Hosting sessions cannot be broken into multiple intervals unless purchased in a quantity of 4 or more.

    Clone-Training requires a suggested 30 minutes of training, in which your answers and responses to our custom training form will be answered via video. These answers and responses will then be spliced and combined to create the digital clone.

    Digital clone will be able to do the following in all virtual meetings:

    1. Meet and greet attendees

    2. Take questions from the audience

    3. Provide information 

    4. Pause, listen and respond.

    5. Conduct interviews

    6. Greet and speak to group attendees by name.

    7. Includes recording of meeting when applicable