Imagine being the star of your own story. SMS Novel pro-writers can now work with you via interview to write your 100 page autobiography in 7 days. Using a simple conversion and interview process, we can create:


1. Outline for your book based upon your life timeline

2. Highlight key moments of your life that will be engaging to the reader

3. Target a specific demographic/educational range for your book.

4. Share daily drafts for your review.

5. Complete in 7 days.

6. Includes marketing, publishing, and distribution.


When the book is finished, all rights belong to buyer to sale, share, distribute, or publish however you choose. 

Your Story Matters! 7 Day Autobiography Writing

  • 14-18k Biography. 7 Day completion. Watch in real time as story is created via Google Document. Includes 3 online interviews, 2 draft edits, and 100% satisfaction approval. Includes paperback and e-book publishing, marketing, and distribution.