A Fun & Fast-Paced Online Game Show For Writers, Authors, & Storytellers

SMS Novel is creating and hosting a new online game-show titled, "Elevator Author." This is a super fun, fast-paced, live-writing contest that challenges authors to:

a. Write a short story in 60 seconds based off a genre, theme, or topic.

b. To create an interactive text story that includes the judges as characters.

c. Tell an oral story that includes a shocking surprise twist.

c. Lightning Rounds - Name that book cover / Describe this character/ Create an instant plot.

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Live-Writing or Freestyle writing is one of the newest trends in writing and publishing. SMS Novel is the first company of its kind to provide live real-time writing for customers via text message and video chat. Instead of writing something, and letting it sit there, Live-Author writer immediately connects to a real-time reader to role-play and interact with the story via text message. Interested in becoming trained to be a paid SMS Live-Storyteller Author? 

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