Visit Our Tik Tok Creator Community House In West Baltimore City!

The SMS Novel Tik Tok House is a house designed for creator community. From 9am to 6pm, every Monday to Saturday, Content creators meet to write skits, meet with others to collaborate, and record Tik Tok or other social media content. This is a fun community for those who are looking for greater collaboration and inspiration.

Our home is divided into three sections:
1. Upstairs and Outside for Tik Tok, podcasting, and video creation (Camera and mic on-site)
2. Downstairs for writing, meeting others, and idea pitching
3. Kitchen for lunch, collaboration, and group meetings.

This is the first Tik Tok house in Baltimore and is meant to serve as a great place just to come chill, create, and collaborate for as long as you need to. The Tik Tok community is also a great place to be offered daily writing and video gigs from SMS Novel!

Monday to Saturday
9am to 6pm EST.
Lunch served at 1pm each day.
20$ to attend for one day.