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B.A. Biblical Studies - Beacon University (2009)

M.Divinity - Westminster Theological Seminary (2014)


God's Trophy, Social Surge Theory, Fire From Heaven, Letters From Charles, & 365 Days.

Recorded Album Releases

Dirt Game (2004) Never Forsaken (2007) 

Conversations (2017) 

Last Album Before... (2020)

Documentary & Film

Savannah Can't Breathe (2020)

The Ghost of Nat Turner (TBR 2021)


Founder of Philly Open Church - 2010

BLM Savannah - 2016

C4BM Ministries - 2017

SMS Novel - 2018

My name is Jomo K. Johnson and I am the proud creator of SMS Novel. Thank you so much for visiting. I started SMS (Short Message Service) in 2018 as a Live-Text Novel Library. During a missionary trip, I felt extremely isolated and wanted to connect with others via writing. I decided to experiment with live-text chat fictions stories as a way to connect with people in real-time. These stories developed into a library by which readers could select a story, connect with dozens of authors in realtime, and roleplay the story. 

Since our initial launch, we have published hundreds of live-text stories while also expanding to offer Zoom Novels & Movies, On-Demand Improv, Group Book Services, and more. It is our goal to connect the hearts of readers and writers together, all via the age-old art of storytelling. We hope you join our community of hundreds of authors, actors & readers. Let's connect.

                                              Jomo K. Johnson

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