SMS Novel - Where Human Connection and Storytelling Meet.

SMS Novel was designed to enable authors, creators, and readers to interact in real time. That is why our Creator Plan allows you to produce amazing content including our Live-Text & Live-Read Stories. All Creators have access to our Creator community to produce and sell content while getting paid daily for what they create!

If you are a reader, SMS Novel has live interactive books and stories that allow you to connect on-demand to a storyteller. You can connect via SMS Text or Facetime to roleplay an SMS story or even have your favorite book read to you by an SMS Actor! Our Unlimited Stories Plan gives you access to over 10,000 original and classic stories.

What to Create?

Text-Message Novels are a live-interact way to get your story out. We convert your story into a live-text version and assign a live-text storyteller to communicate your interactive story in real-time. Readers get to roleplay with your story all via text, and receive a video copy when done!

Interactive Text Novels
Zoom Movies

Work with dozens of SMS Actors and authors to create a short script and produce your own Zoom Movie. These movies are written and recorded and can be sold or monetized via Youtube. This is a great way to get your story out in live video form.

Children's Books

Have an idea for a children's book,

video, or adult swim series? SMS illustrators can create full-colored illustrations for your project and publish them in paperback, text-novel, e-book, and as a video series. When we publish a children's book, you are listed as the author and receive book royalties the same day you sell!

Podcast Hosting

Creating a podcast is a lot of work. But what SMS does is provide you a seasoned co-host, script, and stereo recording, and publishing to create the perfect podcast for your passion. Choose from a male or female host, approve the script that best fits your format, and publish let us publish your podcast to Itunes/Google/Spotify, and all other major platforms.

Just Write It: With Don Vasicek
Live-Read Stories

Live-Read Stories allow readers to listen live to their favorite book with an on-demand reader or storyteller. Imagine having your own personal reader for your book, or allow readers to roleplay with your story via Zoom or Video Chat!

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Have a story? Let us help you create & connect. Contact us. 

Our community of storytellers are excellent at creating professional and quality audio books that can be sold directly, via Amazon or Audible. Choose from dozens of actors and have you work created with 24 hours!

Who Killed Satan (Audiobook)
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