American loneliness has been a growing problem for decades—with some estimating that 61 percent of adults in the United States feel it—and it’s only been made worse by the COVID-19 lockdown. These feelings of isolation and aloneness can play a detrimental role in the ability of people to maintain mental health and feelings of purpose and identity. 

It is the goal of SMS Novel to alleviate loneliness by the age-old art of storytelling. Unlike a paperback or e-book, SMS Novels are live stories that allow you to connect to a real person via text message or Zoom video. You can choose your own adventure and roleplay via text as the main character in the book, Kids See Ghosts. Or you can enjoy an on-demand live Zoom reading of a classic book like Pride and Prejudice and have a discussion with the live reader. Live-Stream novels like Black For a Day are both educational and entertaining. With SMS Novel, you can even select On-Demand Stand-Up Comedy and connect to your own personal comedian via Zoom!

It is our goal at SMS to help people re-think how we read and tell stories. And everything we do is designed to keep you connected to a community that you can enjoy a good story with, at any time.


Let's Connect!

Text-Message Novels are a live-interact way to enjoy a book. As a reader, you select your story and are connected to a live author to choose your own adventure via SMS text message. Readers roleplay with the story all via text and interact as the story's main character. 

Interactive Text Novels
Zoom Movies

Zoom Movies are shot entirely via Zoom. These are pre-recorded stories that allow you to enjoy a scripted story in Zoom format. 

Live-Read Stories

Live-Read Stories allow readers to listen live to their favorite book with an on-demand reader or storyteller. Imagine having your own personal reader for your favorite book. Or if you enjoy improv, roleplay a story via Zoom or Video Chat!


Our health and wellness series allows you to connect with real and everyday people to enjoy your favorite TV show with, or to help provide encouragement, counsel, or just general conversation around various topics.

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Live Dramatic Readings of Classic Works
Enjoy a live-reading of SMS Novels.
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Live-Video Roleplay of SMS Novels
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On-Demand Book Study Partner