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Born To Rise

Born to a poor teenage mother in rural Jamaica, Lorna experienced poverty, abandonment, and abuse. She boarded a plane to Canada on her own as a teenager with no guarantee of a visa, eventually gaining citizenship. Lorna defied the odds, overcoming poverty to graduate from university with an honors degree in social work while becoming the mother of two young children.

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It was the most amazing experience! I was able to tap into my creativity and have fun writing! I have learned a lot and continue to learn through the entire process. Our coach Joe was excellent to work with. I really enjoyed learning and working with other creatives. I highly recommend SMS Novel for your writing and publishing services! I so look forward to working on more projects!!! Super Fun!

Coco Brown 

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SMS Novel is a great venue for interactive reading and writing. I love the short books written by up and coming individual authors and those created by a small group of authors, collaborating to make a unique reading experience. My favorite SMS Novel experience are the group improve classes where you get to learn and interact with people from all over the world live online. 

Sharon Tucker

SMS Novel is outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone who would like to share their story from all walks of life and bring it to a reality. The process from start to finish was a smooth transition publishing a novel. SMS was responsive, lenient and was always available if I had any questions or concerns.

Great Experience!

Darren Ball

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Your Story Matters: Starbucks & Story Events

Meet with a local professional writer and have your life story written as a book over coffee!

Monday through Saturday @ Any Local Starbucks.

(U.S. U.K. & Canada)


(Must register 3 days in advance)

Monday through Saturday @ Any Local Starbucks.

(U.S. U.K. & Canada)


(Book On Demand)


Nominate a friend or a family member to have their life written as a free event! Send a one-minute video telling us who and why we should write a book about!

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About SMS Novel

SMS Novel was founded in 2018 as a way for writers to connect with readers live and on-demand via SMS Text message. Since then, we have expanded to become the first in-person publishing company that can meet in person to help others tell their stories. Starting December 2022, we are excited to make this service free of charge for anyone willing to crowd-publish their life story with SMS Novel.