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"Book & Look Up"
On-Demand Remote Drone Service App.

Request a drone, look up, and your drone will arrive in 60 minutes. For security, events, work, or live-stream your favorite city from the sky with SMS DroneStream TV. Now use for advertising your business or event. (Non-camera option available.)


Book a live-stream drone for work, personal, residential, and commercial security, private events, pet/animal search, emergencies, thermal imaging, rapid response, flash mob detection, or fun filmmaking or aerial photoshoot.. Book from the app and your drone and licensed operator can arrive in as little as 60 minutes. Choose "Blind Mode" and our operators will fly the drone remotely from their vehicle 100 feet away.

Enjoy an extra level of security, productivity, or creativity with live and on-demand drone service operated by a licensed remote pilot.

"A perfect on-demand tool for storytellers, event planners, law enforcement, first responders, HOAs, neighborhood watches, and anyone desiring recreational or work-related on-demand drone access."




Book an SMS Live-Stream drone and operator today. With the APP, your drone will arrive in as little as 60 minutes to provide security patrol, neighborhood watch, rapid response, or personal security.

Now Available In Over 25 Cities

No Contract

The app allows you to book your security on-demand. Pay as you go by booking for 2 hours minimum.

Personalized Content

Book for yourself and use for events, domestic or international travel, or home.

Community Safety

Share with members of your community to form or start a community drone watch.

Introducing: SMS Novel Drone-Stream TV. Watch & enjoy 30 hours of live stream drone view in over 10 countries each month. Includes live pilot commentary and communication.

Download The App and Pay For Service as a Group With Collctiv Money Pool.

You can now book SMS Drone security with neighbors, friends, or your business to sign up and pay as a group using Collctiv Money.

Example: "A group of up to 100 people can split payment to book for a night, event, or rapid response."

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