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100% Non-Camera Banner Ad Drones

Introducing SMS Novel Films Drone Banner Advertising – a revolutionary solution that respects privacy while amplifying your message with aerial precision. Our innovative platform enables businesses and individuals to create custom banners featuring QR codes linked to their websites, all without the need for intrusive cameras on our drones.

With SMS Novel Films Drone Banner Advertising, you can design your unique banner and embed a QR code directing viewers to your business website. This seamless integration ensures maximum engagement while safeguarding privacy concerns.


Here's how it works: Simply upload your banner design and desired message through our user-friendly interface. Our fleet of drones, equipped solely with banner-carrying capabilities, take to the skies with precision and efficiency. Covering an impressive 0.25 square miles per hour, your message will be seen far and wide, capturing attention without compromising privacy.


Our drones fly high, navigating strategic locations to reach your target audience. From city centers to event venues, your message will soar above the competition, drawing eyes to your QR code and driving traffic to your website.

At just $45 per hour, our drone banner advertising offers exceptional value without infringing on privacy


rights. Say goodbye to invasive cameras and hello to effective, respectful advertising. With SMS Novel Films Drone Banner Advertising, your message takes flight with integrity and impact.

Join us in pioneering a new era of aerial advertising that prioritizes privacy while maximizing reach. Let your message soar, guided by the power of QR codes and the innovation of SMS Novel Films Drone Banner Advertising. Elevate your advertising efforts today.

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